UR105-72 72-inch single width backless bench with rebar ends $945 list price

Urban Renewal™ bench collection

While our Urban Renewal Collection offers unique styling to enhance inner city, downtown or uptown revitalization and recommercialization projects, it will also appeal to owners and landscape professionals looking to avoid "me, too" site furnishing designs for any public space. Utilizing 100% recycled content and multiple sizes of rebar, the Urban Renewal collection includes benches, receptacles and bike security stations not found from other manufacturers. Urban Renewal bench options include backed, backless, single width and double width, most in your choice of 48", 72" or 96" lengths and all with our industry leading 10-year warranty Weatherbeater Mastercoat™ finish.

  Features 48" 72" 96"
Backed Decorative Laser Cut Ends UR101-48 UR101-72 NA
  Rebar Ends UR104-48 UR104-72 NA
Backless Decorative Laser Cut Ends-Single Width UR102-48 UR102-72 UR102-96
  Rebar Ends-Single Width UR105-48 viewing UR105-96
  Decorative Laser Cut Ends-Double Width UR122-48 UR122-72 UR122-96
  Rebar Ends-Double Width UR125-48 UR125-72 UR125-96
  Embedded Mount Tubular, Single Width UR116-48-EM UR116-72-EM UR116-96-EM
  Surface Mount Tubular, Single Width UR116-48-SM UR116-72-SM UR116-96-SM