PTHCACCESS handicapped placard $25 list price

PTHCACCESS Picnic Time Handicap Accessible Option

Ask your BRP Customer Representative how to eliminate one or more seats from Picnic Time tables to allow handicap accessible seating.

Specify PTHCACCESS to omit a seat and substitute a handicapped accessible location.

When used in normal outdoor applications, including streetscapes, parks or similar public rights-of-ways, all BRP by bison seating, if installed according to the instructions provided, complies with requirements of all draft and published ADA and ABA guidelines at the time of this writing including Chapter R3: Technical Provisions, R307.6.3.2 "The Revised Draft Guidelines for Accessible Public Rights-of-Way." Often cited Section 903 does not apply to benches installed outdoors and specifically only applies to applications when used in steam or sauna rooms, dressing, fitting or locker rooms, holding or housing cells and courtrooms.