PM400STRT-EM litter receptacle, customizable round $595 list price

Suspension™ pivoting eceptacles

Reduce heavy and awkward lifting with BRP's Suspension pivoting receptacles. Each 30 gallon receptacle is suspended by two 1” diameter pivot pins resting in slots on two 3½” diameter galvanized suspension posts. When pivoted to level, the lower surface of the receptacle is approximately 24” from the ground for easy dumping of rigid liner (included) or litter bag removal. Choose from standard perforated or customized steel outer receptacle, flat top or recycling top lid, and surface mount or embedded suspension poles. Surface mount post mounting hardware not included.
Model Number Decorative Pattern Receptacle Top Mount Style
PM400STFT-SM Standard Perforated Flat Embedded
PM400STFT-SM Standard Perforated Flat Surface
Viewing Standard Perforated Recycling Embedded
PM400STRT-SM Standard Perforated Recycling Surface
PM400PCFT-EM Customized Flat Embedded
PM400PCFT-SM Customized Flat Surface
PM400PCRT-EM Customized Recycling Embedded
PM400PCRT-SM Customized Recycling Surface