PM100-SM surface mount 2-3/8" diameter pole for pole mount receptacles $99 list price

Space Saverô pole mount receptacles

When you want pole mounted receptacles where no pole now exists, install these 23/8” diameter galvanized space saving posts virtually anywhere. Choose surface mount (PM100-SM) for mounting on existing concrete surfaces or embedded mount (PM100-EM) to install anywhere in landscaped areas. Pole is designed to protrude 60” above the ground for sturdy mounting of any BRP pole mounted receptacle above. Customer provides mounting anchors for surface mount pole.
Model Number Decorative Pattern
PM050PC Custom Pole Mount Litter Receptacle (not shown)
PM050ST Standard Perforated Pole Mount
PM070ST Pole Mount Pet Waste Receptacle
PM100-EM 23/8", 60” High Embedded Mount Pole for Pole Mount Receptacles
Viewing 23/8", 60” High Surface Mount Pole for Pole Mount Receptacle