PC102-96 96-inch customizable backless bench with streamline bar ends $1035 list price

Private Collection™ Benches

Private Collection benches allow landscape architects and owners to customize their site furnishings while maintaining the superior structural integrity found in our full line of benches and receptacles. Using the latest design software integrated with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, BRP by bison is well equipped to work with you to design the perfect lettering or logo option to enhance your streetscape, park or commercial facility. Since 100% of manufacturing and finishing is done in-house, we have no minimum quantity or artwork upcharge. And you will be amazed at the turnaround time. With BRP by bison Private Collection, you will truly be able to say that your landscape furnishings are one of a kind.
  Features 48" 72" 96"
Backed Streamlined Bar Ends PC101-48 PC101-72 PC101-96
  Embedded Tubular Mount PC115-48-EM PC115-72-EM PC115-96-EM
  Surface Tubular Mount PC115-48-SM PC115-72-SM PC115-96-SM
  Child-Sized PC103JR-48 NA NA
Backless Streamlined Bar Ends PC102-48 PC102-72 viewing
  Embedded Tubular Mount PC116-48-EM PC116-72-EM PC116-96-EM
  Surface Tubular Mount PC116-48-SM PC116-72-SM PC116-96-SM