MC115-48-EM 48-inch backed embedded mount bench, tubular $855 list price

Manchester™ Bench Collection

Manchester Collection benches are characterized by their attractive and comfortable vertical slat design. All vertical slat benches in the industry are not created equal. BRP by bison uses only full ¼" thick x 1½" wide carbon steel seat* slats and each is finished with our exclusive Weatherbeater Mastercoat finish with a 10-year warranty. Manchester Collection backless or backed benches are available with traditional decorative cast ends, streamlined bar ends or tubular mount. Choose 48", 72" or 96" bench length for the perfect fit within your project. 48" bar end benches are now available sized just right for kids. Complement your benches with 24" end tables. You'll love the look and you'll love the durability.

  Features 24" 48" 72" 96"
Backed Decorative Cast Ends NA MC104-48 MC104-72 MC104-96
  Decorative Cast Ends – Arched Back NA NA MC106-72 NA
  Streamline Bar Ends NA MC101-48 MC101-72 MC101-96
  Streamline Bar Ends - Arched Back   NA MC103-72 NA
  Embedded Mount, Tubular NA viewing MC115-72-EM MC115-96-EM
  Surface Mount, Tubular NA MC115-48-SM MC115-72-SM MC115-96-SM
  Child-Sized NA MC103JR-48 NA NA
Backless Decorative Cast Ends MC105-24 MC105-48 MC105-72 MC105-96
  Streamline Bar Ends MC102-24 MC102-48 MC102-72 MC102-96
  Embedded Mount, Tubular NA MC116-48-EM MC116-72-EM MC116-96-EM
  Surface Mount, Tubular NA MC116-48-SM MC116-72-SM MC116-96-SM