MC105-24 24" End Table $575 list price

Manchester™ End Tables

Complement your benches with 24" end tables. You'll love the look and you'll love the durability.
  Features 24" 48" 72" 96"
Backed Decorative Cast Ends NA MC104-48 MC104-72 MC104-96
  Decorative Cast Ends – Arched Back NA NA MC106-72 NA
  Streamline Bar Ends NA MC101-48 MC101-72 MC101-96
  Streamline Bar Ends - Arched Back   NA MC103-72 NA
  Embedded Mount, Tubular NA MC115-48-EM MC115-72-EM MC115-96-EM
  Surface Mount, Tubular NA MC115-48-SM MC115-72-SM MC115-96-SM
  Child-Sized   MC103JR-48 NA NA
Backless Decorative Cast Ends viewing MC105-48 MC105-72 MC105-96
  Streamline Bar Ends MC102-24 MC102-48 MC102-72 MC102-96
  Embedded Mount, Tubular NA MC116-48-EM MC116-72-EM MC116-96-EM
  Surface Mount, Tubular NA MC116-48-SM MC116-72-SM MC116-96-SM