BWA2-13-SM 13 capacity, surface mount bike rack $750 list price

Wave™ Bike Security Stations

Sleek, modern and durable are the hallmarks of our Wave bike racks. Wave features 23/8" pipe size tubing with elegant curves and will complement any streetscape and any style of public benches, receptacles or planters. Available in 5, 7, 9 ,11 and 13 bike lengths, Wave can be ordered hot dip galvanized or finished with our exclusive 10-year warranty Weatherbeater Mastercoat finish. Choose from permanently embedded or surface mount installation options.
Bike Capacity Foot Print Embedded Mount Surface Mount
5 36" x 2½" BWA2-05-EM BWA2-05-SM
7 60" x 2½" BWA2-07-EM BWA2-07-SM
9 84" x 2½" BWA2-09-EM BWA2-09-SM
11 108" x 2½" BWA2-11-EM BWA2-11-SM
13 132" x 2½" BWA2-13-EM viewing