BRB4-RM removable mount bollard $400 list price

Bollard Style™ Bike Security Stations

Simple bollards are popular choices when space constraints, flexibility and potential removability are important factors. BRP by bison 4" OD bollards are available with or without bike lock loops and can be ordered as permanently embedded, surface mounted or removable mounted. Removable mount bollards include a sub-surface sleeve with lock down feature and a cap to cover the sleeve when bollard is not installed. Choose from one of our standard Weatherbeater Mastercoat finishes, a custom color to accent your landscape design or a super durable hot dip galvanized finish.
Bike Capacity Embedded Surface Removable
2 BRB4-02-EM BRB4-02-SM BRB4-02-RM
3 BRB4-03-EM
BRB4-03-SM BRB4-03-RM
0 BRB4-EM BRB4-SM viewing
0 NA NA BRB4-48-RM