AH115-96-EM 96-inch backed bench with embedded mount, tubular $1305 list price

Ashebrooke™ Bench Collection

Popular horizontal slat styling, industry leading strength and advanced Weatherbeater Mastercoat coating has made Ashebrooke the natural choice for streetscapes, park and commercial developments, and are commonly specified by architects and owners. Horizontal 3/16" thick x 1" wide slats are spaced for maximum safety, comfort and durability. Choose streamlined bar end portable benches or tubular mount style for permanently embedded or surface mounted applications. Available in 48", 72" and 96" lengths. When you select Ashebrooke, you'll be selecting a winner.
  Features 48" 72" 96"
Backed Streamline Bar Ends AH101-48 AH101-72 AH101-96
  Embedded Mount, Tubular AH115-48-EM AH115-72-EM viewing
  Surface Mount, Tubular AH115-48-SM AH115-72-SM AH115-96-SM
Backless Surface Mount, Tubular AH102-48 AH102-72 AH102-96
  Embedded Mount, Tubular AH116-48-EM AH116-72-EM AH116-96-EM
  Surface Mount, Tubular AH116-48-SM AH116-72-SM AH116-96-SM