AH060 pole mounted planter $200 list price

Ashebrooke™ receptacle collection

Clearly compatible with popular Ashebrooke benches, these receptacles will complete your landscape, streetscape or parkscape design with style. Full size round litter, flower planter, recycling and ash receptacles are all designed with vertical slats and popular decorative ring design. Square receptacles and pole mounted mini litter and planter receptacles complete the Ashebrooke line and make your design decisions easy and foolproof. Choose litter receptacles with flat top, dome top or ash top features in a wide variety of quality Weatherbeater Mastercoat finishes. All Ashebrooke litter and recycling receptacles include heavy-duty, rigid plastic removable liners.
Features Flat Top Dome Top Ash Top
Litter Receptacle, Decorative Round, 40 gallon, Top Load, Freestanding AH401-FT AH401-DT AH401-AT
Litter Receptacle, 32 gallon, Top Load, Freestanding AH406-FT AH406-DT AH406-AT
Pole Mounted Mini Litter Receptacle AH050 NA NA
Pole Mounted Planter viewing NA NA
Recycling Receptacle, Decorative Round, 36 gallon, Top Load, Freestanding AH450-FT NA NA
Planter Receptacle, Decorative Round, 20 gallon,Freestanding AH601 NA NA
Ash Receptacle, Decorative Round, Freestanding NA NA AH501