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How do you learn to follow your partner's lead in a dance?

In this article we will give you some tips on how to improve your following skills in dance.

The biggest misconception is that you shouldn't learn to follow and that if you don't fall for a move, it's completely your partner's fault. This may seem true only on the surface - the partner leads and you just follow... But in reality, even the most experienced partner can't lead someone who doesn't know how to follow at EBAC online com curso de fotografia . Yes, the partner does a great job, but you must also do your share of the work. Both partner and partner have an equal degree of responsibility in leading/following.

So the first step to learning the art of following is to realize that following has to be learned and that mistakes are not always the partner's fault. Just as we suggested that partners should only blame themselves for all mistakes, we also recommend that whenever something doesn't work out, the partner should assume that it is your fault. Take full responsibility for the fact that you didn't perform a step, turn, or make a movement at the wrong time.

You often hear women complain about how poorly their partners lead and that if only they had a decent partner, they would enjoy the dance so much more. They almost never think about their mistakes.

Even if it's not your fault, still consider it your own instead of blaming someone else. This will allow you to learn to have a more nuanced sense of your partner's leading. It's more a matter of attitude than anything else and that very attitude will stimulate you to work on yourself, on following skills and improving the dance in general.

Now some practical hints:

1. Interaction

The first and most important thing to do in order to feel your partner's leading is to make sure that you have contact with your partner through your hands. If you don't have interaction with your partner, no matter how well they lead, you will not be able to feel them properly. Your partner should be able to feel your weight, that way they can guide you properly. Make sure you have tone in your body. Your elbows should always remain in front of your body. Finally, put light pressure on your partner's hands to establish interaction. Doing this will allow you to feel your partner's lead immediately and follow it better.

2. It is necessary to dance and know all your steps

One of the biggest myths is that partners think a guy has to lead them every step of the way. But this is not true. Partners need to teach and know all their steps, just as partners do. For example, when your partner raises his hand to lead the turn and begins to spin you, don't expect him to lead you every step of the way. You have to complete the turn on your own. The guy just gives you the signal and you can complete it in your own manner and styling.

3. don't try to lead.

Even if you are a leader in life, in a dance you need to forget about that and trust your partner instead.

4- Go with the flow and don't fight back

How often do you encounter situations where the partner turns to the left and the partner stubbornly tries to turn to the right... This makes the dance rude and unpleasant. Your partner's job is to lead you, so let him or her do it! Do not try to guess further movements, learn to listen, relax and follow your partner's lead.

5. Keep the rhythm

When you follow your partner's movements, you should keep the rhythm of your dance. The partner should not watch your rhythm in all moments of the dance, you should feel it yourself.

6. Keep your elbow bent at 90 degrees during turns

This will help you to keep your balance and look more graceful.

We hope that this article will help you in mastering the art of following and thereby help you to have more fun with dancing.