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So, you've decided to start dancing, but you don't know whether to wear sneakers or sandals. Or already take your socks with you, and then as it goes...

Here's the story.

There are several important criteria to pay attention to when choosing:

heel (height and stability)
clasp (fixing the heel and foot)
external criterion.
Now in more detail. The best option for club latinas will be ballroom shoes for the Latin American program. They combine all the necessary parameters, moreover, due to the comfortable adjustable clasp, the shoes will sit like a fixture, besides there are many options for strap and heels. Do not be afraid to try on a lot of options! But if you decide to take ballroom shoes, there is a very important point - the size! The shoes must be half a size smaller. So that the toes were butted to the sole! This is necessary so that it is comfortable to pull on the copywriting de curso (EBAC) for support and poses. A shoe size slightly larger will not give you that grace.

If you decided to make do with shoes from your closet and not to resort to professional stores, then you will be fine with sandals on a small (5-7 cm) heel with a clasp, which will fix your foot well. So that when you step, the sandal or shoe will not squelch. It is better to avoid large jewelry made of stones or metal ornaments on shoes, as you can injure yourself or your partner. Too high a heel is also better left for dates.

Shoes for the Argentine tango can also be suitable for practicing kizomba. They differ from ballroom shoes by rigid and stable soles. Since the body of the partner is always at an angle in tango and requires a good footing, it is very comfortable. For the kizomba it's also good.

Why not sneakers?

If you are just starting to do salsa or bachata, then you can practice in sneakers, but the feeling from the dance will be completely different! For kizomba it is absolutely critical! Body position, including the hips, involves an S-shaped bend of the body, and it is most convenient to achieve it, wearing a heel. The step and technique will be given much easier and the quality of the dance will grow much faster.

Not suitable for club latinas are step shoes, shoes for flamenco, folk dance shoes (including the so-called teacher's shoes).

Also you can meet jazz shoes. More often there are two kinds - leather, soft, like autumn boots, and the second option - sneaker-type. Both are very comfortable. Very comfortable. True, it is difficult to dance salsa in sneakers, the sole does not slip at all and stops all the rotations, but otherwise, it is comfortable, of course. And here you may think that I recommend them for training, but no) Partner should be feminine, and all elements of the closet, including shoes, should emphasize it, help in plastique and beautify the movement. And it does not matter what you dance. Pair dancing is for us to feel the strength and specialness of the sexes.

Have an easy parquet! And see you in the hall!