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Athletic Seating, Bleachers, and Benches


Outdoor Fan Bleachers

Outdoor 15' or 21' 3-tier aluminum plank bleachers are perfect on youth sports fields. Hot dip galvanized steel support structure and recycled plastic ground runners. Order BLO1503A for 15', 30 fan capacity or BLO2103A for 21', 42 fan capacity bleachers. Four-tier bleachers also available (BLO1504A seats 40; BLO2104A seats 56).

Child Safe Outdoor Fan Bleachers

These 15' bleachers meet or exceed even the most stringent local and state codes for child safety with the addition of a second foot plank and a 10" heel kick plank. Same galvanized steel structure and recycled plastic ground runners as standard outdoor bleachers above. Order BLO1503AXL for 3-tier, 30 capacity seating or order BLO1504AXL for 4-tier, 40 capacity seating.

Outdoor Player Benches

Rugged 2" square welded galvanized steel supports and 15' or 21' long, 10" wide anodized aluminum planks easily seat 10-14 players per bench. Each bench has a comfortable backrest. Order freestanding portable BNP1501BA for a 15' bench or BNP2101BA for a 21' bench. In-ground benches also available (BNF1501BA seats 10; BNF2101BA seats 14).

Powder Coated Bleacher and Bench Planks

Simply substitute a colored plank for standard anodized aluminum. Choose any combination of colors for any quantity of seat planks. Each powder coated plank will incur an upcharge based on length. Order BL15SEAT1-XX for 15' planks and BL21SEAT1-XX for 21' planks.

Orders of 25 or more planks can be powder coated in a wider variety of colors (allow six weeks).

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