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Weathering Signs and Silhouettes

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Attractive, understated, indestructible and 100% maintenance free are just a few of the adjectives that describe our custom Weathering steel signs and silhouettes.

You’ve seen buildings, public art, bridges, lamp posts and other architectural features with a natural rust like finish. This look is achieved using a special alloy steel (ASTM A588) often referred to as COR-TEN® which was the original trademark of US Steel who developed this popular product.

COR-TEN never needs painting or any maintenance as the stable, rust appearing finish has a consistent patina that never leads to structural deterioration.

BRP Weathering signs are perfect for locations where a natural look is more appropriate than a bright backlit or other typical sign and has the added bonus of never needing any attention. Weathering signs can be unlit, front lit (provided by customer) or have a stainless steel or powder coated rear backing plate to make the laser cut logos and wording pop.

Weathering signs are a great choice for neighborhood entrances, commercial developments, city parks, zoos and museums, bistros and bars, ranches, farms and acreages and can be as large as 60" x 120".

Weathering silhouettes can be used anywhere that a unique art feature will enhance the landscape or provide a whimsical feature. While there is no limitation to the possible applications for Weathering silhouettes, some common applications are public pavilions and gardens, university campuses, country clubs, in street roundabouts or street medians and at sports facilities.

All BRP Weathering signs and silhouettes are custom designed to your specifications by our creative art team using only your initial concept or using your finished artwork.

Depending on size, configuration and intended use, signs and silhouettes can be cut from1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" thick COR-TEN. Structural supports and mounting plates, suspension loops or vertical support posts will be provided so the images are ready to install.

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