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Our Unique Approach to "Green"

At BRP by bison™, our product engineering, manufacturing processes, and the materials we purchase are developed with environmentally-friendly yet cost effective strategies in mind. BRP by bison is committed to using high content post-consumer, post-industrial recycled steel and plastics as well as processes that use green, recycled components whenever possible throughout the prototype, fabrication, and finishing stages. BRP by bison is proud to be a manufacturer of premium bicycle security stations to encourage alternative transportation, ash receptacles and ash top options to help define smoking and non-smoking areas, seating options to complement outside recreation activities, and litter and recycling receptacles to assist in controlling and reducing waste. Our entire product line carries a Lifetime Functional Warranty as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and our low maintenance, durable finishes carry a 10-year warranty.

Our Lincoln, Nebraska, manufacturing facilities are in the heart of a century-old industrial area in close proximity to transportation hubs. BRP by bison’s employees believe in good, old-fashioned common sense and a Midwestern work ethic that, in combination, ensures that our customers benefit from frugal, value-driven decision making that helps to reduce waste, control costs, and encourage innovative thinking that often leads to product improvements and new products that solve our customers’ common challenges. “Going Green” may be a 21st century approach, but for our company, it’s the way we’ve always lived and so, for us, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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